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Coal Products for Sale

Non Smokeless Fuels

Open Fires

Glen Fuels Supreme Coal

Premium Grade Polish Coal which gives a high heat output and low ash content. Available in 40kg and 20kg.

Glen Fuels Maxi Heat

Various fuels blended together to give a product which generates high heat output at an economy price. Available in 40kg

Hayes Slack

Used to back up overnight and to maintain lighter burning.


Smokeless Fuels

Open Fires

Please note the following towns are classified as smokeless zones – Bray, Arklow and Wexford Town.

Glen Fuels Smokeless

Pet Coke and Nugget Mix which provides high heat at an economy price. Available in 40kg and 20kg

Hayes Lignite Nuggets

Manufactured smokeless fuel in a nugget shape that burns completely to a fine ash. Available in 40kg

Closed Fires

Grade A Anthracite

High quality anthracite with a high heat output, low ash content and clan burning. Available in 40kg

Peat Briquettes



Emergency Drum

Designed for emergency use to ensure you are never caught out in the cold

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