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In General Content:
About Glen Fuels »
Glen Fuels - Energy for Everything:   In 1986 we opened our doors in Kilmacanogue (Co.
Delivering Nationwide»
Range Cooker Additive Lubricants AdBlue Oil Tanks Diesel Storage Tanks Magnus™
Domestic Services Application Form»
Please choose the Service Plan(s) you require. You must complete all required fields in the direct
Family Owned Since 1986»
Home Heating Oil Interest-Free Payment Plans Oil Tanks Magnus™ Monitors Glen Fuel
Commercial/Agricultural Application Form»
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In News:
A dry tank costs you more money»
Oil run outs costs householders and business owners money
The Holiday Home Oil Tank Monitor»
Check the oil level in your holiday home oil tank from anywhere in the world. 
Paul McGrath Endorses Glen Fuels Magnus Monitors»
Paul McGrath uses Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System.
Magnus™ Monitors Kept Glen Fuels Customers Warm this Winter»
Magnus™ Monitors Worked Wonders this Winter for Heating Oil Customers
Smart Oil Tank Monitor»
Are you scared to dip the tank or run out of oil?
Don't get spooked this heating oil season»
Don't get a fright this heating oil season.

Is a notification sent when running low? »
In order to receive notification that it's time to top-up, you must login to the Magnus App
Can I tell how much is in my oil tank at any time?»
The most accurate means of checking the oil level in your tank is with the Magnus™ Monitor.
Do I get priority delivery? »
Budget Plan customers who take advantage of the free Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor
What is Magnus Monitors Business? »
Magnus™ Monitors Business can be installed onto metal and plastic tanks on-/off-site:
What commercial products does Glen Fuels sell? »
Road diesel AdBlue Marine fuel Commercial lubricants Commercial fuel card (sole traders,
Are there freebies for Glen Fuels Budget Plan customers? »
All Glen Fuels Budget Plan customers receive the Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitors System free of
What agricultural products does Glen Fuels sell? »
The Glen Fuels agricultural products include SFGO, AdBlue, lubricants, oil tanks, diesel storage

In Services:
Budget Plan»
Home heating oil pay monthly plan. FREE Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor Service. Optional
Magnus Monitors Homes»
Magnus™ Monitor lets you check you oil tank level on your phone. 
Magnus Monitors Farms»
The Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System completely eliminates SFGO run outs and loss of

Glen Fuel Card - Personal

Glen Fuel Card - Personal


  • Cheap petrol and diesel
  • AdBlue, lubricant, carwash

Accepted at:

  • Circle K nationwide
  • Glen Fuels service stations

For commuting, play dates, general running around. 

Terms and conditions apply. 

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Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

The Glen Fuels gift voucher is the ideal gift for:

Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, house warming, birthday, get well soon, new baby and christenings. 

Redeemable in all depots, the heating oil gift voucher is very popular.

Purchase from your local Glen Fuels depot.

Reduce Energy Costs

Reduce Energy Costs

  • Insulation
  • Oil and Renewable Central Heating
  • Energy Rated Appliances
  • Kick the Car to the Curb
  • Generate Your Own Energy
  • The Cost of the Little Red Light

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