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News » Up to 1 metre of Wicklow washed away by Storms Ophelia and Brian 2018-01-15

The Murrough

Defending Ireland's Beauty

In 2016 a Wicklow County Council commissioned report identified increasing problems in the North Beach defences at Arklow, and the Murrough at Wicklow Town.  Since then, three applications for repairs made by the Council have been unsuccessful.

“The coastal defences at the North Beach are badly in need of repairs,” Mr Donnelly said. “I am informed that there is significant risk to human safety, with large boulders being washed over the existing structure onto the public walkway behind it.”  Mr Donnelly also said there was a risk of flooding to a number of homes. “A more detailed coastal erosion risk management study is needed to address the risks the town faces. I will be calling on the Minister to support this proposal. With this in place, a greater project, including improvements to the rock armour and return of the beach to its previous condition is needed,” Mr Donnelly said.

Mr Donnelly also said the Murrough area, stretching from Wicklow Town as far as Greystones, has suffered ongoing erosion in recent years as a result of Winter storms. The largest coastal wetland compleex on the East Coast of Ireland, the Murrough is an area of natural heritage teeming with wildlife. Mr Donnelly said it is an amazing resource for the entire county and it must be protected. “Both Storm Ophelia and Storm Brian caused further damage to the Murrough, with up to a metre of the coastal area washed away by the sea in places.”

Fianna Fáil TD for Wicklow and East Carlow Stephen Donnelly met with Minister for OPW Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran in November 2017 regarding urgent repairs to Wicklow’s coastal defences. 

Source: WicklowNews.Net

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