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News » Glen Fuels Chooses Arklow 2017-11-07

Glen Fuels delivering to homes, boats and business in Arklow

As we approach our first birthday in Arklow, we thought we'd share with you, our customers, why we chose Arklow.

Finding a home for the fifth Glen Fuels depot was a decision process that took approximately two years to complete - we wanted a site that would give us easy and efficient distribution access to the people of Arklow and Wicklow North and South. 

Arklow has all the infrastructure requirements a business needs to grow: it is accessible via the N11 & M11 road network, it has a good broadband infrastructure, it has a growing population and skilled workforce, its businesses can supply us with the products and services we require to meet our customers' needs (we are a big believer in supporting local business and do so at every opportunity.)

Arklow offers our staff a great work life balance: less commuting time and time sitting in traffic! From a social perspective the town has everything - soccer clubs, GAA, hurling, rugby, golf, a cinema, restaurants, shopping facilities, nightlife and the annual festivals that bring the community together. 

Thank you Arklow for a great first year as an employer and service provider. 

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