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Savings at the Topaz fuel pumps nationwide for the whole family

Launched in 2010 the Glen Fuels Domestic Fuel Card is hugely popular with our home heating customers. It was designed to give you control and flexibility at the fuel pump and it is valid for all road vehicles. 

It is available for all your family members; including, parents, grandparents, carers, child minders and college students.

The secure chip & pin cards can be used at Glen Fuels depots in Wicklow and Wexford and at more than 400 Topaz sites nationwide. To find your nearest Topaz filling station, simply FREETEXT your current location to 50456. 

Download an application form today to start saving money at the fuel pump. 

Fuel for all the family: 

  • Wholesale prices at Glen Fuels depots in counties Wicklow and Wexford.
  • 2c a litre savings at 400+ Topaz stations in the Republic of Ireland. 
  • Cash free payment.
  • Two week’s free credit on petrol/diesel purchases.
  • Fortnightly direct debit payment.
  • Detailed twice monthly statement.
  • Chip & Pin security.
  • Reliable fuel. 

Enjoy care-free motoring:

To sign up, simply complete the Glen Fuels Domestic Fuel Card application form (print page 2 only) ​or call/email your nearest depot and a member of staff will make sure you have what you need to start saving. 

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