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Q8 Oils and Endurance Lubricants for commercial use on sale at Glen Fuels nationwide

Glen Fuels offers local expertise to the Irish commercial vehicle, public transport and off-road vehicle markets.

We carry an extensive stock of Q8 and Endurance oils that are delivered timely in bulk or in smaller quantities to your business when you need them. Our lubricants help guarantee warranties, protect machinery against rust and corrosion, improve energy efficiency of machinery and give peace of mind that consistently high quality lubricating oil is protecting your operating systems.

Well-known lubricating brands:

  • Q8 Oils
  • Endurance Lubricants
  • Cassida
  • AdBlue

All applications:

  • Gear Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Synthetic Oil
  • Antifreeze
  • AdBlue
  • Farm Oil
  • Diesel Engine Oil

Next day delivery:

You can now buy your lubricants online at the Glen Fuels Store and avail of our nationwide next day delivery service - our online store features our fast moving items.

If you have a particular request, we have access to all Q8 and Endurance lubricants as well as food grade and pharmaceutical grade oils and greases - for assistance please contact your local Glen Fuels depot.

Fuel for Fisheries

Fuel for Fisheries

Glen Fuels transports 200L to 37,500L of the highest quality marine fuels, per delivery, along the East and South-East coastline from Dublin to Cork.

Our marine department offers an unrivalled and flexible understanding of your unique needs.

Contact us: or download an application form.

Cheap Hot Water

Cheap Hot Water

Hot water heat pump. Super easy to install. Ideal for homes and dairy farms. Renewable energy reduces bills. Reduced to clear.

Your Warm Home

Our family-friendly payment options are designed so you can enjoy a warm home all day, every day!