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Glen Fuels Winter Home Heating Heating Oil

Running out of heating oil can lead to cross words and chilly nights (including the cold shoulder) and the additional hassle/cost of bleeding the boiler.

Life is full of responsibilities, distractions and curveballs - it can be easy to forget to check the level of oil in your home heating oil tank and every winter lots of homes run out of heating oil.

  • Perhaps your mobility is limited.
  • Perhaps you're unsteady on your feet.
  • Perhaps you'd rather not go out into the damp and cold.
  • Perhaps it isn't safe for you to check the levels in your home heating oil tank.
  • Perhaps you just forgot!

Glen Fuels takes the headache out of managing your home heating oil levels - we do the remembering, we measure the levels, we top you up.

Automatic Top Up:

This is a FREE and popular service that ensures you never run out of oil again and you never have to give the oil level in your tank a second thought.

To sign up:

  • Contact your local depot and request the automatic top-up service for your home.
  • Glen Fuels will look back over your delivery history and work out a schedule for a driver to pop by your home, measure your oil level and fill the tank.
  • If there's a cold snap, we double check your oil levels and fill the tank.
  • You avoid running out and you avoid the cost of bleeding the boiler.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You can cancel the service whenever you wish.
  • Pay after you receive your delivery.
  • Home owners, landlords, tenants can avail of this service.
Fuel for Fisheries

Fuel for Fisheries

Glen Fuels transports 200L to 37,500L of the highest quality marine fuels, per delivery, along the East and South-East coastline from Dublin to Cork.

Our marine department offers an unrivalled and flexible understanding of your unique needs.

Contact us: or download an application form.

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