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CASE STUDY: Dairy Farm Hot Water Heat Pump

Mr. Joe O’Brien - Dairy Farmer - Limerick

Client Objective: 

To reduce the water heating electricity bill using a sustainable energy source - the previous system was an electric water heater with 1x3kW electric immersion, which is a very common system used on dairy farms in Ireland today; but it is the most expensive one to run.

Solution: Dairy Farm Hot Water Heat Pump

Our hot water heat pump uses the ambient air temperature to generate heat to heat water. It is simple to install and is three times more efficient than an electric immersion heater. In Joe O’Brien’s milking parlor, the heated air around the condenser is extracted and used by the heat pump to produce hot water.


  • 66% reduction in electricity bills - an energy meter measures electricity consumption and Joe’s electricity bills fell by 66% from €1,134 to €378 per year. 
  • More hot water means excellent TBCs and consistent production of premium grade milk.
  • This system will payback in 4 years.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 2300kg/COper annum.

System Costs:

  • Cost: 300L unit €3,950 ex VAT installed
  • 10% discount to Origin Green Members: €395
  • Dairy Equipment Scheme Grant: €570 approx.
  • Final Cost: €2,985 ex VAT

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