FREE use of the Magnus™ Monitor unit (rrp €185).

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Magnus Homes

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Never Run Out of Oil

Magnus™ Homes:

  • Eliminates heating oil run outs 
  • Eliminates dipping the oil tank
  • Eliminates bleeding the boiler

Why Choose Magnus™ Homes? 

Magnus™ Homes is suitable for all oil-fired central heating systems. 

Regardless of your oil use - 500 litres or 5,000 litres per year - you will benefit from Magnus™ Homes. 

With Magnus™ Homes, you will continue to pay for home heating oil by cash, card, cheque or Winter Fund

Magnus™ Homes customers receive:

  • Complimentary use of the Magnus™ Monitors unit 
    (RRP €185)
  • FREE Magnus™ Monitors app
    • Receive notification that it's time to top-up
    • View oil tank level and daily usage
    • Order a top-up via the app

Not included:

  • Magnus™ Monitors unit installation
    (one-off payment €30)
  • Magnus™ Monitors license fee
    (€60 per year)
    • Sync Magnus™ Monitors unit and app
    • Priority oil deliveries
    • Glen Fuels remote tank monitoring

Peace of Mind:

Get Magnus™ Monitors for your home:

  • Click "Apply Online" below
  • Select "Domestic" 
  • Check the "Magnus Homes" box
  • Complete all required fields
  • Read and agree to T&Cs

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Magnus™ Monitors has changed home heating completely.

Once the Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System is installed on your heating oil tank, you monitor the level of oil in the tank from your smartphone or laptop. From my office in the Glen Fuels Gorey depot, I can also see the level of oil in your tank and I check in on my customers every day to see who is running low. 

You can set a reminder on the Magnus™ App to notify you when the oil level drops to a certain level (for some people that's 50% while for others it's 20%). This piece of technology eliminates the chance of you ever running out of oil.

Another plus with the Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System is that if the level of oil in the tank drops suddenly from a leak or, worse, theft; the monitor will alert you. 

By Larry O'Brien, Glen Fuels Sales Manager

My family owns the Coach House and Enniskerry Inn pubs and B&Bs. 

We installed the Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System at each of these premises. 

The app enables us to remotely monitor the oil consumption at each premises. 

Glen Fuels also monitors the two gauges. During lockdown, we received a call from Glen Fuels advising us that the level of oil in one of the tanks was reducing by a certain amount each day. While the premises is closed due to Covid, we have had one person living there. 

From the point of view of security, it was reassuring to know that a separate set of eyes is keeping an eye on our oil. I would recommend the Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System to anyone in the hospitality sector and to those with holiday and rental homes. 

By Brian Lawlor, Co. Wicklow

The oil monitor is great. Haven’t run out yet and no more soaking feet walking up the garden to check tank level!

By Glen Fuels Magnus Monitor Customer, Co. Dublin


Who Installs and Maintains the Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System on My Heating Oil Tank?

in Magnus Monitor FAQs

Glen Fuels installs the Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System to liquid storage tanks (oil, water, milk, liquid feed).

How is the Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System Fitted to the Tank?

in Magnus Monitor FAQs

During installation, Magnus™ Monitor is applied to the top of the heating oil tank with a polyurethane and silicone, weather-proof adhesive. 


Is the Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System installation Covid-19 Safe?

in Magnus Monitor FAQs

Yes, we install the Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System without coming into contact with you or your loved ones.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

The Glen Fuels gift voucher is the ideal gift for:

Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, house warming, birthday, get well soon, new baby and christenings. 

Redeemable in all depots, the heating oil gift voucher is very popular.

Purchase from your local Glen Fuels depot.

Glen Fuel Card

Glen Fuel Card

For personal and professional use.

Discounts at Glen Fuels and Circle K:

  • Unleaded and diesel
  • Adblue and lubricants
  • Car wash

Every Drop, Delivered

Every Drop, Delivered

The technology on the Glen Fuels trucks ensures that every drop of oil ordered is delivered.