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Agricultural Lubricants

Endurance Lubricants and Q8 Oils available for agri business, farmers and food producers nationwide

Greases and Oils

Shell, Q8, and Endurance

Wear and tear, coastal Irish air, fertilisers, and sprays can have a detrimental effect on the performance and lifespan of farm machinery.

Glen Fuels has access to thousands of lubricants from quality suppliers including Shell, Q8 and Endurance:

  • Protect agricultural machinery against rust and corrosion
  • Guarantee warranties
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Peace of mind that high quality oil grades are being applied to your investments

Magnus™ Monitors Farms

We recommend that all businesses in the agri sector install Magnus™ Monitors Farms onto all oil tanks. 

Using radar AI technology Magnus™ Monitors Farms ensures:

  • You always have oil in the tank
  • You never need to dip the tank
  • You never run out of oil

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Nationwide Delivery

We stock and deliver a wide range of lubricants that cover heavily loaded engines, transmissions, brake and clutch systems, wet brakes and hydraulic pumps. 

Glen Fuels carries the full range of agricultural lubricants, and if an item is not in stock we will have it within five working days.

Glen Fuels offers a range of low SAPS (ash) oils which meet the latest specifications from top manufacturers.

  • Gear Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Synthetic Oil
  • Antifreeze
  • AdBlue
  • Farm Oil
  • Diesel Engine Oil

Buy Online

Glen Fuels Store offers nationwide delivery on lubricants. 

To buy lubricants online, visit Glen Fuels Store. 

Fuel Your Farm Today

For assistance, please contact your nearest depot

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Agricultural Lubricants

High quality lubricants that improve efficiency, reduce emmisions and guarantee warranties. 


Green Diesel

The Glen Fuels mixed fleet delivers up to 37,500L per delivery of sulphur-free gas oil (SFGO) for off-road vehicles.

Heating Oil Tanks

Glen Fuels is a Kingspan distributor of bunded and single skin home heating oil tanks. 

Our tanks can be delivered nationwide. 

If you need assistance in figuring out the best tank to buy, we're happy to help.

Oil Drums

If you need a quick emergency fill, or if you use small quanities of home heating oil, oil drums are a great solution. 

Our 25 litre gas oil and kerosene drums are available to buy at the Kilmacanogue and Gorey depots.

Truck Fueling Network

Glen Fuels Truck Stop network is a commercial facility which provides refuelling to truck drivers along the N11 and M11 southbound in Kilmacanogue, Arklow, and Rosslare.

Heating Oil

From our depots on the N11/M11, our trucks reach you quickly. 

Modern technology ensures every drop of oil is delivered. 

Got a tight driveway? Glen Fuels was the first oil company to roll out the mini-truck!


You can use your Glen Fuel Card to buy AdBlue at Circle K service stations and at Glen Fuels depots.

AdBlue drums, barrells and 1,000L cubes are available from Glen Fuels at depots and our online store.


I purchase all my diesel and lubricants from Glen Fuels because of their efficiency, competitive prices and very friendly staff.

By Farmer, Wexford

Delivering Nationwide

Delivering Nationwide

  • Range Cooker Additive
  • Lubricants
  • AdBlue
  • Oil Tanks
  • Diesel Storage Tanks
  • Magnus™ Monitors

Never Run Out of Oil

Never Run Out of Oil

Always have oil in the tank with Glen Fuels and Magnus™ Monitors. 

Suitable for homes, farms and businesses. 

  • FREE for Budget Plan customers
  • Special offers for Agri and Commercial customers

Magnus™ Monitors

Reduce Energy Costs

Reduce Energy Costs

  • Insulation
  • Oil and Renewable Central Heating
  • Energy Rated Appliances
  • Kick the Car to the Curb
  • Generate Your Own Energy
  • The Cost of the Little Red Light

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