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Winter Fund

Heating Oil Savings Account

Staying warm in winter should not be a worry. With the Glen Fuels Winter Fund, it doesn’t have to be.

Winter Fund enables you to lodge money into your heating oil account.

Every home in Ireland experiences a spike in heating oil bills in September, December and March.

Winter Fund allows you do draw down from your savings when ordering a top-up.

  • Make regular or periodic payments
  • Top-up your heating oil account by cash, card or direct debit or online
  • No admin fees
  • Interest-free savings account

Homeowners and Tenants

Glen Fuels Winter Fund is suitable for all heating oil customers. 

It is the perfect solution if you: 

Never Run Out of Oil

Winter Fund customers can sign up to Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitors Homes, click here

Magnus™ Monitors ensures you never run out of oil

Saving Made Simple

To set up a direct debit Winter Fund account:

  • Click "Apply Online" below
  • Then select "Domestic" 
  • On the application form choose the Service Plan "Winter Fund"
  • Complete all required fields
  • You can preview the T&Cs on the bottom left of this page

Terms and Conditions

Winter Fund     


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Heating Oil

From our depots on the N11/M11, our trucks reach you quickly. 

Modern technology ensures every drop of oil is delivered. 

Got a tight driveway? Glen Fuels was the first oil company to roll out the mini-truck!

Heating Oil Tanks

Glen Fuels is a Kingspan distributor of bunded and single skin home heating oil tanks. 

Our tanks can be delivered nationwide. 

If you need assistance in figuring out the best tank to buy, we're happy to help.


Highly recommend Glen Fuels, always accommodating and friendly on the phone.

By Heating Oil Customer, Co. Dublin

I wish to convey my eternal gratitude to Glen Fuels for their efficiency in delivering Kerosene to me within three hours of my urgent order.

My heating did not come on this morning and on checking I discovered my tank was empty. I hear you say, “Not for the first time" and you are correct. However as I had a delivery in December 2019 it never occurred to me that I would run out.

As we are in the category that is confined indoors for the time being you can understand the need for a warm house. This you have now guaranteed. Please say thank you to Patricia for her understanding and courtesy in dealing with my plight - which is always the case by the way - and to Ken for his prompt and good humoured delivery. Great to see you continue the high standards of customer care that is a hallmark of a great and successful company.

By Exceptional Emergency Delivery, Home Heating

Best fuel company I've been with, highly recommended.

By Heating Oil Customer, Co. Wexford


I got a delivery but my heating will not come on, what can I do?

in Heating Oil FAQs

Your system may have an air lock, which means that the system has to be bled.

Our drivers will endeavour to do this for you but may not be able to re-start the heating system as there maybe another issue with your burner. We will recommend a heating engineer to look at the system for you.

How Does Glen Fuels Winter Fund Benefit Fuel Allowance Recipients?

in Winter Fund FAQs

Glen Fuels offers flexible savings options to Winter Fund customers. 

You can allocate a percentage of your Fuel Allowance to your Winter Fund savings account.

Money can be saved by monthly direct debit, card payment, or cash. 

Can I tell how much is in my oil tank at any time?

in Oil Tank FAQs

The most accurate means of checking the oil level in your tank is with the Magnus™ Monitor.

Magnus™ Monitor is accurate to -+ 1cm and the information is sent to an app on your phone. 

Magnus™ Monitor is free for Budget Plan customers; available at a reduced rate for Magnus™ Homes customers; and available to buy outright



Glen Fuel Card

Glen Fuel Card

For personal and professional use.

Discounts at Glen Fuels and Circle K:

  • Unleaded and diesel
  • Adblue and lubricants
  • Car wash

Never Run Out of Oil

Never Run Out of Oil

Always have oil in the tank with Glen Fuels and Magnus™ Monitors. 

Suitable for homes, farms and businesses. 

  • FREE for Budget Plan customers
  • Special offers for Agri and Commercial customers

Magnus™ Monitors

Reduce Energy Costs

Reduce Energy Costs

  • Insulation
  • Oil and Renewable Central Heating
  • Energy Rated Appliances
  • Kick the Car to the Curb
  • Generate Your Own Energy
  • The Cost of the Little Red Light

Click here to download.