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Heating Oil Tanks

Bunded and single skin heating oil tanks for kerosene and gas oil available to home heating oil customers nationwide

Glen Fuels distributes a wide range of heating oil tanks for domestic and commercial use throughout Ireland.

For more than 30 years Glen Fuels has been a stocking of Kingspan heating oil tanks and we sell both single skin and bunded heating oil tanks.

A selection of tanks is available to buy at our online shop Glen Fuels Store.

You are also welcome to phone your local Glen Fuels and order from our staff.

Whatever your size requirement, Glen Fuels will be able to source this through Kingspan.


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Do you sell and install tanks?

in Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we sell Kingspan single and double skin tanks for all uses. 

We work with a number of OFTEC registered installers.


How can I tell how much oil is in my tank at any time?

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The most accurate means of tracking your oil levels is with a dipstick which you dip into the tank.

Alternatively we have a full range a gauges at each of our depots and at our online store.

I have eight inches of oil in my tank, will I run out tonight as it’s very cold?

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You should not run out of oil tonight. You may run out depending on the distance from your tank to your burner, the height differential from your tank to the burner and the capacity of your tank. You should contact your local depot for a delivery as quickly as possible.


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Every Drop, Delivered

Our drivers arrive on time and every drop of kerosene or gas oil you have paid for is pumped into your tank from our state-of-the-art fleet of lorries with NSAI calibrated metres.

Nationwide Delivery

Our most popular products are available nationwide. is open 24/7.