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If you can correctly name this bird, you will be entered into a draw to win two tickets to

To enter, go to our Facebook page and leave a comment under the picture.
The draw will take place on
The prize is two tickets to

Thanks to Nicola Reddy who took this stunning photo. Nicola had been trying to photograph the elusive Kingfisher and has spent the past two years sitting in wait on the River Slaney for eight hours a day! On one of those days the chap in this photo spent about one hour comfortably in Nicola's company and there are lots of photos of him. Rosslare depot manager Ian Murphy noticed that the bird has only one eye. The socket appears to have closed and healed well and the bird looks healthy. Ncola reported that he's a very happy bird and wasn't at all bothered by her taking his picture!

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Now Delivering Nationwide

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