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Glen Fuels Budget Payment Plan for Home Heating Oil Customers

Home Heating Oil for €3/day.

In every household the primary cause of stress is money. Most people work hard and earn a good wage but struggle to save money, pay bills and enjoy life. The Glen Fuels Budget Plan...

"...ensures that you will always have enough money for the things you need and the things that are important to you." (My Money Coach)

A Smart Householder is a Budget Plan Customer

Non budget plan households experience stressful spikes in heating oil bills in September (when school expenses kick in), in December (when you're buying for Christmas) and in March (when you want to book the summer holidays).

Download the Budget Plan Application Form, click here.

You Benefit Instantly:

  • The cost of heating your home is spread over 12 months, which eliminates bill spikes in September, December and March.
  • You know in advance how much you are spending on home heating oil.
  • The direct debit removes the need to write cheques, have cash in the house or rush to pay on time.

Glen Fuels Budget Plan FAQs

What does the Budget Plan do?

By calculating how much you spend on home heating oil in a year and dividing this figure by 12 months, you allocate a set amount of money each month to cover your annual home heating bill.

  • €90/month (€3.00 per day) based on an average usage of 1300 litres per annum.

When do I sign up?

The Glen Fuels Budget Plan runs from July 1st – 30th June each year.

However, you are welcome to sign up at any time during the year to immediately eliminate spikes in your heating oil bill.

When is the direct debit called? 

You instruct us to call the direct debit on either the 5th or 20th of each month, whichever date suits you best.

Will I receive regular statements?

Customers who provide an email address, receive a monthly statement. Where we do not have an email address, we post out a statement twice a year. All Budget Plan customers may check their account online, click here.

How do I get started?

Approval for a Glen Fuels Budget Plan account is subject to the Company's terms and conditions.

Glen Fuels Budget Plan Terms and Conditions

Direct Debit:

We recommend you pay €90 per month based on 1300 litres. This may be subject to change as increased usage may require an increased direct debit. If a direct debit is returned, you will be liable for bank charges.

Year End:

Any balance owing on your Budget Plan account must be cleared by June 30th each year. Unless advised in writing, your direct debit automatically continues from 01st July, the start of the next heating oil season.

Account Management:

All Budget Plan customers may manage their account and check their balance online, click here - please contact your local depot for your password. Customers who provide us with an email address receive a monthly e-statement. Where we do not have an email address, we post out a statement twice a year. All accounts are reviewed twice a year.

Cancel Contract:

You may cancel your Budget Plan at any stage by advising Glen Fuels and your bank, in writing, of your intention to do so. You will be required to pay any outstanding debit balance on your account.


All applications are subject to approval with our accounts department.

Budget Plan Packages for Homeowners and Tenants:


  • A €300 downpayment entitles you to 500 litres of heating oil.
  • Direct debit of €90 (€3.00 a day) is called on the 5th or 20th of each month - you select the date.
  • We will deliver the next 500 litres of heating oil after we have received two consecutive direct debits. All future deliveries are covered by your monthly payments.
  • All deliveries are capped at 500 litres. If you wish to order a higher value, you are required to (a) have sufficient credit in your account, (b) pay the difference when placing the order, or (c) increase the direct debit if there are enough months left in the Budget Plan year.
  • Exclusive to Budget 90 customers are the direct debit oil boiler service and the Glen Fuels Family Fuel Card.

Click here to read more. To download the application form, click here. Alternatively, you may be interested in our Winter Fund payment plan.


  • A €300 initial payment entitles you to that monetary value of home heating oil.
  • Direct debit of €90 (€3.00 a day) is called on the 5th or 20th of each month - you select the date.
  • In order to place a second order, we must have received two consecutive direct debits.
  • When you place an order, the volume of oil delivered will be based on the amount of credit in your account.
  • Minimum order is 500L and as long as you have credit in your account, there is no cap on how much oil you can order.
  • If your order exceeds the credit you have accumulated, you are required to pay the balance when placing your order.

Click here to read more. To download the application form, click here. Alternatively, you may be interested in our Winter Fund payment plan.

Start saving with Glen Fuels today and enjoy a warm home all day, every day: 

Please print print pages 2 & 3 of the Glen Fuels Budget Plan application form. Post the completed form to Glen Fuel Services Ltd., Accounts, Croghan Industrial Estate, Co. Wicklow. If you have any queries, please contact your local depot.

Notice: Oil is a product that responds to economic and political activity. We reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions, including the deposit and direct debit amounts, in response to market activity. Please check this page regularly for any changes.

Budget Plan Tenants

Home heating oil for tenants from just €3/day with Glen Fuels.

Budget Plan Homeowners

Home heating oil at the cheapest price for homeowners with Glen Fuels


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