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News » Sagging Oil Tank 2023-03-24


Sagging Oil Tank

It happens the best of us! With age, things go south! And heating oil tanks are no exceptions!

In this picture follow the red line across the top of the oil tank. Each of the chambers should be touching the red line. This saggy oil tank has gone south and was replaced by Glen Fuels.

Why has this oil tank sagged in the middle? 

  • This oil tank was mounted on a poorly laid out base 
  • This was an old oil tank and the plastic had broken down

Oil Tank Check

All homeowners and tenants must check the oil tank three times per year: 

  • Is the tank 10 years or older? 
  • Is the tank located in direct sunlight? (this will shorten is longevity)
  • Is there an odour around the oil tank? 
  • Are there cracks along the seams? 
  • Are the external fittings loose or detached? 

For advice on heating oil tanks in Ireland, please contact us


Reduce Energy Costs

Reduce Energy Costs

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Every Drop, Delivered

Every Drop, Delivered

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Never Run Out of Oil

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