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News » Birds take flight - Kilmore Quay 2017-03-29

Bird Sanctuary Kilmore Quay

When you read our drivers' professional biographies, you will start to see a common thread - they all love their jobs because they are out in the fresh air and engaging every day with the beauty Ireland has to offer. It's been a busy week for Glen Fuels in Kilmore Quay with the fishing vessels and we have more gorgeous pictures to share with you.

Nicola Reddy often sends us in moments that she has captured and here we have ducks in flight in Kilmore Quay. Just a few kilometers off the coast are The Saltee Islands. The Great and Little Saltees are privately owned, one of the most important bird sanctuaries in the world, one of the largest in Europe and popular with day trippers.

A haven for sea birds, The Saltees nurture a wide array of birds, from Gannets and Gulls to Puffins and Manx Shearwaters. The Great and Little Islands lie on an important migratory route and are particularly popular with spring and autumn migrants.

(Ref: SalteeIslands.Info)


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