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Commercial Fuel Card

Glen Commercial Fuel Card

The Fuel Card for All Road Users

Glen Commercial Fuel Card caters for all road users from the sole trader to the multi-national company to the commuting employee. 

The Fuel Management Solution

Designed for companies and employees that have one or more vehicles on the road Glen Fuel Card gives you:

  • Control over fuel expenses
  • Top quality fuel
  • Glen Fuels prices on petrol, diesel, marked gas oil and AdBlue at 400+ filling stations nationwide and Glen Fuels depots in Wicklow, Wexford and Kilkenny

Eliminate Fuel Fraud with Glen Fuel Card:

  • GPS tracking
  • Eradicate card misuse
  • Confirmation the vehicle was at the forecourt the card transaction was processed
  • Analysis of fuel consumption, mileage covered against tank refills
  • Identify both efficient & inefficient driving styles within your fleet
  • Identify drivers who are speeding - speeding increases the likelihood of an accident insurance costs
  • Vehicle utilisation analysis
  • Vehicle downtime analysis
  • Driver speeding analysis
  • Vehicle running costs i.e. wasted fuel/idle time
  • Vehicle compliance check

To apply, simply download the Glen Fuel Card Commercial application form ‚Äč(print pages 2 & 3) or contact your nearest Glen Fuels depot and a member of staff will make sure you have everything you need to easy refuelling.


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