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Heat Pump

Heat Pump

Home Heating for €35 per Month

Heat pumps have been around since the beginning of time. Records show they existed in Germany around 1200.

We install German heat pumps on sites around Ireland that are uniquely designed to withstand sea salt corrosion and last a lifetime.

Our heat pumps can be found in houses, commercial buildings and farmyards all over Ireland.

Ideal Irish Weather:

Thanks to our temperate climate, Ireland rarely experiences temperatures lower than minus 3, which means we have a very suitable climate for heat pump technology to operate efficiently and effectively.

Our heat pump technology is very discreet - it can be mounted to a wall, a rooftop or a screened area on the property.

The compact hot water cylinder fits into the hot press and remains full of hot water all the time.

Air Fueled Central Heating:

Heat pumps are easily retrofitted into an existing building of any age.

Our heat pumps have improved quality of life and reduced heating costs in houses and businesses all over Ireland.

A heat pump works like a fridge in reverse: a fridge cools the air to keep food cool and fresh, a heat pump warms the air and delivers this warm air into your radiators/underfloor heating system.

A Warm Home All Day, Every Day:

Today's heat pumps are sophisticated and seamlessly replace the gas/oil boiler. 

A heat pump is guaranteed to transform your living or working space by delivering an ambient temperature of 19.5 degrees Celsius to every room all day, every day.

Heat Pump Benefits:

  • Ambient temperature of 19.5 degrees Celsius
  • Temperature can be increased during a cold snap
  • All rooms are comfortable all day every day
  • Constant hot water
  • Heating bills are slashed
  • Speedy return on investment

Heat Pump Grant:

From April 2018 a €3,500 heat pump installation grant has been available for home-owners through Sustainable Energy Ireland.

Worry Free Heating:

The air that surrounds your home is always 100% free and it will always be free. When you install a heat pump, you eliminate gas/oil price fluctuations which means you can always afford a warm home all day every, day.

Please contact your local depot if you wish to make the switch.


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Covid-19 Safe

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Every Drop, Delivered

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