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Terms and Conditions » Family Fuel Card 2022-05-01


  • 4 cent per litre off at the pump price* at all Circle K Sites and Glen Fuels Branded sites
    *prices/discounts are based on the pump price ruling on the day at individual site
  • Collect Play or Park points at all Circle K Sites nationwide 
  • At Participating Circle K Sites*:
    • 10 cent per litre off AdBlue at the pump
    • Up to 30% off carwash
    • 10% off packaged AdBlue and lubricants
      *At Circle K Company Owned sites only, not valid at Circle K Express

Spend Allowance

  • There is no minimum spend on the Glen Fuel Card
  • The Glen Fuel Card allows a maximum weekly spend of €200

Security Deposit

  • The applicant is required to pay a €160 security deposit per Card
  • The security deposit is held in trust in an escrow account
  • The security deposit is returned to the account holder on cancellation of the Card(s) and the Glen Fuel Card account, if the account is paid in full
  • If a direct debit payment is returned unpaid, the Card(s) is immediately cancelled and the security deposit is used against the outstanding amount
  • As the security deposit is less than the weekly allowed spend, the account holder must pay the outstanding balance in full or risk legal action. To rejoin the Glen Fuel Card network, the account holder must apply for a new Card(s), pay a new security deposit and agree to the terms and conditions

Card Allocation

  • The account holder is allocated a maximum of two Cards


  • All applications for the issue of the Glen Fuel Card(s) shall be at the absolute discretion of Glen Fuels
  • Each Card will be valid for use of the account holder and any authorised user to the extent of the Credit Limit up to 24 months from the date of issue
  • All risks of loss will pass to and be borne by the account holder from the date of dispatch of the Card(s)
  • The account holder shall ensure that any person using a Card(s) will not tamper with, or try to alter or interfere with, the fuel monitoring device or fuel delivery equipment at any Circle K or Glen Fuels site. In the event there appears to be a defect or fault in such monitoring or fuel delivery equipment, the account holder shall report the same to the operator of the Circle K or Glen Fuels site

Use and Authorisation

  • Use of the Card is restricted to the account holder and authorised user and remains valid until the date of expiry stated on the Card(s) or prior cancellation
  • The account holder and authorised user must either sign their name or enter their vehicle registration number (not both) onto the panel on the reverse of the Card(s)
  • Signature of and/or use of a Card(s) by the account holder or authorised user constitutes application of these terms and conditions to the transaction thereby effected and the account holder's agreement to pay Glen Fuels for any products (petrol, diesel, adblue pump, adblue packaged, lubricants packaged, carwash) supplied to the account holder or authorised user by Circle K and Glen Fuels sites within the Republic of Ireland

Invoicing and Statements

  • A detailed e-invoice is issued weekly and includes product(s) quantity, price, VAT and site(s) of purchase(s).
    Products: petrol, diesel, AdBlue pump, AdBlue packaged, lubricants packaged, carwash
  • A monthly statement emailed contains details of any outstanding invoices


  • Payment is seven days from date of invoice by direct debit
  • The direct debit leaves the account holder's bank account once a week on a Friday
  • If a direct debit is returned unpaid, the Card(s) is cancelled immediately and payment on the full account is due plus administration fees
  • All unpaid Direct Debits will incur an admin fee of €20
  • If payment of the whole amount is made later than the agreed date, Glen Fuels reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 3% per month above the base rate of A.I.B., or part of the month (as well as before any judgement) on any balance outstanding on the next payment date, until settlement is received

Cancelling the Card Lost or Stolen Cards

  1. To can cancel your Glen Fuel Card, we require seven days' notice sent by email to When the final balance on the account has been cleared by direct debit, the security deposit will be refunded to you in full.
  2. If a Card(s) is lost or stolen (including constructive theft as a result of any person in possession of a Card(s) having ceased to be an Authorised User through termination of employment or otherwise), the account holder must immediately notify Glen Fuels by email to Notification must be received prior to 15:00 hours in order to be accepted as firm notification on the day of receipt. Any e-mail received after 15:00 hours will be deemed to have been accepted as notification on the following working day (Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays).
  3. The account holder will remain liable to Glen Fuels for any supplies of products arising from the use of such lost or stolen Card(s) by any person until 9.00am on the following working day after the day on which notification is received by Glen Fuels. After such time, and provided that this Clause is complied with in full, the account holder shall have no further liability for purchases of products resulting from the use of the Card(s) other than for purchases by the account holder or any authorised user. However, no such releases of liability will be given to the account holder if it can be established on the balance of probabilities that:
    i) The account holder or the authorised user gave the relevant Card(s) to an unauthorised person
    (ii) The loss of Card(s) was due to the gross negligence of either the account holder or the authorised user
    (iii) The account holder or the authorised user failed to adhere to a request made by Glen Fuels or its representative to destroy or return the Card(s) to Glen Fuels
    (iv) The account holder and authorised user were in breach of any of the terms and conditions of these terms and conditions. 
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