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Terms and Conditions » Budget Plan 2021-03-04

Terms and conditions are based on the Glen Fuels Budget Plan fiscal year, which runs from July 01st to June 30th annually.

  • Applications are subject to approval by the Glen Fuels accounts department.
  • First order of €500 or 500 litres is required. If ordering 500 litres, the order must be paid for in full. 
  • Direct Debit of minimum €120 is called on the 5th or 20th of each month. The recommended monthly direct debit amount is calculated by the credit control department on receipt of application.
  • All deliveries are capped at 500L. If you wish to order a higher value, you are required to (a) have sufficient credit on account, (b) pay the difference when placing the order, or (c) increase the Direct Debit if there are enough months left in the Budget Plan year.
  • The price you pay is the list price quoted on the day of delivery.
  • Budget Plan customers are required to buy their heating oil from Glen Fuels.
  • The Budget Plan fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th. You are required to balance your account by June 30th each year. The Budget Plan will roll into the next year if you do not cancel before June 1st each year. 
  • You may join the Budget Plan at any stage. The monthly direct debit will be calculated pro-rata. This means the amount you sign up to when completing the application form may be subject to change at the recommendation of our accounts department.
  • A returned Direct Debit will be notified to you by email and you will be required to phone our office with a credit/debit card payment. Glen Fuels reserves the right to apply a €20 admin fee for failed direct debits, which will be collected at the next payment date.
  • You have the right to cancel your SEPA Direct Debit at any time by writing to Glen Fuel Services Ltd. and informing your bank, building society, or credit union in good time.

The details in this section pertain to the Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System, which Budget Plan customers receive free of charge. You are not obliged to take this System - to opt out, please let your Glen Fuels depot know at

  • The Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System is contingent on you operating the Budget Plan account within its terms for the Minimum Term of 36 months from the date of Monitor installation
  • For Budget Plan customers, there is no fee for Monitor installation on plastic tanks (bunded/single skin); Glen Fuels remote oil monitoring; and Magnus™ Monitor app. Installation on steel tanks is POA
  • Magnus Monitor customers receive remote tank monitoring by Glen Fuels and priority oil deliveries

Device Ownership*

  • You are given use of the Magnus™ Monitor device for the duration of the Minimum Term of 36 months
  • Unless you buy the Monitor outright, it remains the property of Glen Fuels. If you do not purchase the Monitor from Glen Fuels during or after the Minimum Term, Glen Fuels reserves the right to remove the Monitor and/or cancel the Service in the event of failed direct debits or if you cancel the Budget Plan package

Data Signal

  • Monitor installation is subject to network coverage availability at the installation location. The Service is contingent on the reliability of the data service provider in that geographical location at any given time. Glen Fuels and Magnus™ Monitors are not the data service providers

Damage to Device

  • You, or a third party, must not interfere with or cause obstruction to the Monitor as the you will be liable for full replacement and/or repair costs. If an engineer is required to visit the property after installation, Glen Fuels call-out rates will apply
  • If the Monitor becomes defective during the Minimum Term, Glen Fuels will repair/replace the Monitor at no cost to you

Technical Support

  • In the event of a technical issue, please contact your local Glen Fuels depot

Moving House

  • If you are moving house, you must notify Glen Fuels immediately so that the Monitor can be removed from the property


  • At the end of the Minimum Term, the service will automatically roll over into another Minimum Term contract.
  • To cancel the Service, Glen Fuels requires 30 days’ written notice from you. You must also notify your bank, in writing. You will be required to pay any outstanding debit balance on the account.


Glen Fuel Card - Commercial

Glen Fuel Card - Commercial


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Delivering Nationwide

Delivering Nationwide

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Every Drop, Delivered

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