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Energy for everything

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Home Heating

Kerosene and gas oil home heating oil.

Pay monthly home heating oil.

Magnus Monitor gauge and app.



Fast turn around delivering top grade agri diesel and lubricants to farms and agri businesses when and where required.

S.F.G.O - Lubricants - Storage Tanks - Dairy Farm Hot Water Heat Pumps - Green Diesel.


Highest grade commercial fuels and lubricants delivered on time and on budget.

Road Diesel - Lubricants - AdBlue - Fuel Card - Truck Stop Network - Marine Services - Renewable Energy - Fixed Price Contract.

Fixed Price

Mix and match between fixed oil prices and spot price rates.

Suitable for commercial, marine, agricultural and fuel card customers.

Fuel Card

Eliminate false fuel expense submissions - Set spending limits - Match card to car - Fuel fraud software - Driver security software.

The Glen Fuel Card is valid at more than 400 service stations nationwide.



We work with architects, engineers, developers and homeowners on the design, supply and commission of heating and ventilation systems in bespoke builds.


Every Drop, Delivered

Every Drop, Delivered

Glen Fuels policy and technology ensures every drop of kerosene or gas oil you have paid for is pumped into your tank.

Eliminate Fuel Fraud

Eliminate Fuel Fraud

Glen Fuel Card:

  • Fuel fraud software
  • Driver security software
  • Detailed invoicing
  • Exclusive pump prices
  • Fixed weekly price
  • No hidden charges
  • Accepted nationwide
  • Match card to car
Covid-19 Safe

Covid-19 Safe

Glen Fuels oil deliveries to home heating, agricultural, commercial and marine customers follow HSE and WHO guidelines.