Energy for everything

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Keeping your whole family warm, we deliver top quality kerosene and gas oil. 

Delivering to Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford, Carlow, Kilkenny and Waterford. 



Pay Monthly

Home heating oil pay monthly plan for homeowners and tenants. Our most popular product eliminates big heating oil bills in September, December and March.


An innovative service provider of Energy For Everything for homes and businesses.

Nationwide distributors of renewable energy, energy efficient and eco friendly solutions. 


Fuel Card

Save money at the pump at Glen Fuels depots and 400+ Circle K filling stations nationwide. 

Available to domestic and commercial customers across all road vehicles. 



Fast turn around to deliver top grade agricultural diesel and lubricants when and where you need them.

Renewable energy technologies installed and serviced nationwide. 


The highest grade commercial fuels and lubricants delivered to businesses operating in competitive and fast-paced industries.

Renewable energy technologies installed and serviced nationwide. 


Cheap Hot Water

Cheap Hot Water

Hot water heat pump. Super easy to install. Ideal for homes and dairy farms. Renewable energy reduces bills. Reduced to clear.

Your Warm Home

Our family-friendly payment options are designed so you can enjoy a warm home all day, every day!

We're Nationwide

Our most popular products are available nationwide. is open 24/7.