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AdBlue Pumps

adblue for sale ireland

In 2005 the legislation on diesel vehicles in Ireland and the rest of Europe demanded a drastic reduction in NOx emissions. As a result of this, most new vehicles come with SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction).

  • AdBlue® is essential for the cleansing and reduction of harmful emissions before exhaust fumes are released into the atmosphere.
  • It is stored safely within a separate tank creating the cleansing and catalytic effect.
  • AdBlue® consumption is typically around 3%–5% of the diesel consumption for a typical vehicle, dependent on weight and other relative factors.

If you have purchased a new diesel vehicle that is manufactured to meet Euro IV, V or VI standards it may require AdBlue®.

AdBlue® for Sale in Ireland

  • You can use your Glen Fuel Card to buy AdBlue at Circle K service stations in Ireland.

Glen Fuels AdBlue Pumps

Glen Fuels Kilmacanogue depot sells AdBlue at the pump.

The pump is open to everyone Monday - Friday 08.30 - 1700 and Saturday 08.00 - 13.00.

  • If you have a Glen Fuels account, you simply sign at the counter.
  • If you have a Glen Fuels Fuel Card, present your card at the counter to be swiped.
  • We also accept cash and all major cards.

AdBlue Drums

AdBlue® drums, barrells and 1,000L cubes are available from Glen Fuels at:

The AdBlue® tank is generally located:

  • Beside the fuel filling point. It will be a smaller filling cap.
  • In the car boot (look for DEF identifier).
  • Under the car bonnet (look for DEF identifier).

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Please feel free to contact your nearest depot and we will appoint an experienced sales manager to your account.

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What Happens if You Run Out of AdBlue?

in Frequently Asked Questions

Most cars will give a warning well in advance of this happening but if one continues to drive without replenishing stock, the vehicle will refuse to start.


What is AdBlue?

in Frequently Asked Questions

AdBlue is a mixture of urea and deionized water and its injected into the exhaust gases to reduce the harmful emissions.

How Long Does AdBlue Last?

in Frequently Asked Questions

It is supposed to last approximately 18 months if stored in the right conditions.



Family Glen Fuel Card

Family Glen Fuel Card

  • 4cpl off petrol and diesel nationwide
  • AdBlue, lubricants and carwash discounts

The Glen Fuel Card is the only independent fuel card valid at both Glen Fuels and Circle K nationwide. 

Suitable for everyone in the family - commuters, play dates, medical appointments, general running around. 

Terms and conditions apply. 

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Every Drop, Delivered

Every Drop, Delivered

Glen Fuels policy and technology ensure every drop of kerosene or gas oil you have paid for is pumped into your tank.

Now Delivering Nationwide

Now Delivering Nationwide

  • Range Cooker Additive
  • Lubricating Oils
  • AdBlue
  • Heating Oil Tanks
  • Diesel Storage Tanks
  • Renewble Energy Technologies