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Price Security in a Tumultuous Market

Commercial, agricultural and marine customers can mix and match between fixed cost and daily pricing on SFGO, road diesel and marine fuel purchases.

Fixed Cost:

Suitable for businesses using a minimum 20,000 litres/annum, the Glen Fuels Fixed Cost is a fixed oil price contract at standard Glen Fuels commercial/agri credit terms.

For the duration of the contract (3, 6, 9, 12 or 18 months), you will receive fuel at a guaranteed price. With Fixed Cost, you will never pay more or less than the agreed price.

Spot Price:

Spot pricing on SFGO, road diesel or marine diesel is for those customers who prefer to pay the market oil price on the day of delivery. Spot price fluctuates in response to global political and economic activities.

How it Works:

Here are some examples of how to apply Glen Fuels Fixed Cost and Spot Price to grow your business and increase profit margins.

Fixed Price Contracting
Glen Fuels Fixed Cost oil purchasing is the reverse of forward selling grain/stock: one guarantees income and the other clarifies expenditure. When a silage contractor knows the exact cost of fuel per acre, they can calculate exactly how much to charge the end user.

Fixed Cost Haulage
When a haulage, courier, bus or taxi company knows exactly how much diesel will cost per hour, the sales team can confidently canvas and accurately quote new business for the duration of the contract.

Fixed Commercial Fishing
A trawler that uses 44,000 litres of marine diesel a month, may choose to fix the full amount or split 22,000 litres on fixed pricing and spot price on the balancing 22,000 litres.

Locked Down Commerical

If a builder uses 36,000 litres/annum of SFGO and enters into a 12 month fixed price contract, they will take delivery of 3,000 litres each month. Because the price is fixed, they already know exactly how much that 3,000 litres is going to cost each month.

Contact Glen Fuels:

To secure price certainty for your business, please contact your local Glen Fuels or email


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Family Fuel Card

Family Fuel Card

Designed for our domestic and commercial customers, the Glen Fuels Fuel Card gives you cost-savings, convenience and control at all Glen Fuels depots and Circle K nationwide.

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Our drivers arrive on time and every drop of kerosene or gas oil you have paid for is pumped into your tank from our state-of-the-art fleet of lorries with NSAI calibrated metres.