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Magnus™ Monitor

magnus monitor on oil tank

Smart Oil Tank Monitor:

The level of oil in your heating oil tank is now visible on your screen 24/7.

  • MagnusMonitor is the world's first remote radar oil monitor.
  • MagnusMonitor is the only accurate oil level monitor on the market.
  • MagnusMonitor is built to withstand Irish weather conditions.

Glen Fuels Magnus Monitoring:

Using weather-proof adhesive, MagnusMonitor is professionally installed on your home heating oil tank by a member of our team. You then download the app to your preferred device(s) to:

  • Check your oil level from multiple devices, at anytime from anywhere.
  • Receive alerts of a sudden drop in oil level indicating a leak/theft.
  • Receive notifications that it's time to top up.


MagnusMonitor will inform Glen Fuels that you need a top-up. We will then schedule prompt delivery with your regular Glen Fuels driver.

With MagnusMonitor You Will:

  • Never again worry about dipping the tank.
  • Never again run out of heating oil.
  • Never again bleed the boiler.

Stay Warm and Safe:

Glen Fuels Budget Plan customers can claim their free Magnus Monitor. Sign up here.

If you prefer to remain a cash customer, you can rent Magnus Monitor from Glen Fuels for just €4/month.
***A direct debit form is under construction. In the meantime, please contact Andrew on 01-960 2295  or


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What Notifications are Sent When Oil is Running low?

in Frequently Asked Questions

When oil is running low you will receive a notification on the Magnus™ Monitor app. This will indicate that it is either time to top-up or that your tank has suffered a leak/theft.

Does Magnus™ Monitor Protect Against Heating Oil Theft?

in Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Magnus™ Monitor sends out "theft" and "unnoticed leak" alerts.

What Size Heating Oil Tank Can Magnus™ Monitor?

in Frequently Asked Questions

Magnus™ Monitor is suitable for all size home heating oil tanks.


Covid-19 Safe

Covid-19 Safe

Glen Fuels oil deliveries to home heating, agricultural, commercial and marine customers follow HSE and WHO guidelines.

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Now Delivering Nationwide

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