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Exclusive to Glen Fuels

Glen Fuels is the exclusive distributor of the Magnus™ Monitor in Leinster and we have international distribution rights. 

The Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System has completely transformed the lives of our domestic, agricultural and commercial customers. 

We are excited for you to experience the benefits. 

Magnus™ Monitors Homes

Each year 20% of households run out of heating oil, right when it's needed the most. 

Magnus™ Monitor can be installed on tanks across multiple locations - primary residence, holiday home, the home of a relative.

The Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System has eliminated runouts, dipping the tank and bleeding the boiler for these customers. 

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Magnus™ Monitors Businesses

Each year 35% of agricultural and commercial customers find their tanks empty which brings activities to a grinding halt. 

Magnus™ Monitor can be installed on tanks across multiple locations - on-site and off-site. 

The Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System works on a multitude of bulk storage tanks from oil to water to other liquids. 

For more information, click here (agriculture) or click here (commercial). 

3D Smart Oil Tank Monitor:

  • Magnus™ Monitor is the only accurate oil level monitor on the market
  • SigFox, 2G or NB-IoT deliver 98% signal coverage
  • 3D element to Magnus™ Monitors deliver accuracy to +-1cm
  • Readings are at your fingertips when you download the Magnus™ Monitor App
  • Magnus™ Monitor is the world's first remote radar oil monitor

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Reduce Energy Costs

Reduce Energy Costs

  • Insulation
  • Oil and Renewable Central Heating
  • Energy Rated Appliances
  • Kick the Car to the Curb
  • Generate Your Own Energy
  • The Cost of the Little Red Light

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Every Drop, Delivered

Every Drop, Delivered

The technology on the Glen Fuels trucks ensures that every drop of oil ordered is delivered. 

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

The Glen Fuels gift voucher is the ideal gift for:

Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, house warming, birthday, get well soon, new baby and christenings. 

Redeemable in all depots, the heating oil gift voucher is very popular.

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