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About Glen Fuels »
In 1986 we opened our doors in Kilmacanogue and Gorey to deliver to the domestic,
Gift Vouchers»
The Glen Fuels gift voucher is the ideal gift for: Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day,
Every Drop, Delivered»
The technology on the Glen Fuels trucks ensures that every drop of oil ordered is delivered. 
Glen Fuels Weather »
East Coast South East Coast Cost-Effective Home Heating Oil
Job Vacancies»
When you become a Glen Fuels employee, you join a family run business and the Glen Fuels Family.
Reduce Energy Costs»
Insulation Oil and Renewable Central Heating Energy Rated Appliances Kick the Car to the
Glen Fuels delivers to the domestic, agricultural, and commercial sectors.  Depots are
Domestic Services Application Form»
Please choose the Service Plan(s) you require. You must complete all required fields in the direct
Applications Welcome Page»
If you are a home heating oil customer, please click Domestic. To set up a business account,
Never Run Out of Oil»
Always have oil in the tank with Glen Fuels and Magnus™ Monitors.  Suitable for homes,

In News:
Glen Fuels Open Singles»
Courtown Golf Club
Glen Fuels €100 Voucher Winners....»
The many winners of the Glen Fuels €100 vouchers have been drawn...
Glen Fuels Kilmacanogue Open Storm Emma»
Glen Fuels Solid Fuel and Kerosene Drums
Glenergy Partners With Pinergy»
Rolling out energy efficient technology nationwide  
Festive Fill»
Avoid the Christmas Rush with Glen Fuels  
Next Generation of Glen Fuels Lorries»
This new lorry is a "remount" which means we have recycled old equipment to create a
A dry tank costs you more money»
Oil run outs costs householders and business owners money
Glen Fuels Recycles Old Lorries»
Recycling old lorries to make state of the art delivery trucks.
Hurling Legend Larry O'Gorman at Glen Fuels Bannow Rathangan Show»
Hurling legend Larry O'Gorman visits Glen Fuels
Cheaper School Run»
Glen Fuel Card for a cheaper school run
Fuel Oil News»
Glen Fuels Makes Front Cover Debut
The Holiday Home Oil Tank Monitor»
Check the oil level in your holiday home oil tank from anywhere in the world. 
Carbon Tax Effective May 1st 2021»
How Will Carbon Tax Affect You? 
What is the Winter Fund?»
Answers to your FAQs about the Glen Fuels Winter Fund piggy-bank oil payment plan.
Sludge in Your Heating Oil Tank»
Your heating oil tank is accumulate sludge - just like the sticky stuff your kids play with. 
Paul McGrath Endorses Glen Fuels Magnus Monitors»
Paul McGrath uses Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System.
Magnus™ Monitors Kept Glen Fuels Customers Warm this Winter»
Magnus™ Monitors Worked Wonders this Winter for Heating Oil Customers
Line Curtains to Retain Heat»
There's an evening chill, but don't reach for the heating just yet. 
September Pay Monthly Heating Oil»
Pay monthly home heating oil
Smart Oil Tank Monitor»
Are you scared to dip the tank or run out of oil?
Line Curtains to Retain Heat»
There's an evening chill, but don't reach for the heating just yet. 
Don't get spooked this heating oil season»
Don't get a fright this heating oil season.
Farm Safety 2023»
Farm Safely in 2023
Should the oil tank be empty in warm weather? »
Never let your oil tank run dry
Silage Season - Oil Deliveries»
Glen Fuels - the first cut of the silage season

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Can I spread heating oil payments?»
The Glen Fuels Budget Plan allows you to pay a set amount each month.
What is the difference between Winter Fund and Budget Plan?»
Winter Fund allows you to make small, regular or ad-hoc savings to your Glen Fuels heating oil
What is home heating oil? »
Kerosene and gas oil are known as home heating oil. At Glen Fuels we sell both kerosene and
How much does Glen Fuels Budget Plan cost? »
The Glen Fuels staff will calculate how much oil you use during a 12 month period.  This
Will I receive statements for Glen Fuels Budget Plan?»
Customers that provide an email address, receive a monthly statement. Where we do not have an
Does Glen Fuels Budget plan require a security deposit? »
There is no security deposit required for the Glen Fuels Budget Plan. An initial order to the
Is there a truck stop in Arklow?»
Glen Fuels Arklow has a state-of-the-art truck refuel facility with space to maneuver
Can I monitor my oil tank remotely? »
The Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System is a remote 24/7 oil tank monitor which sends reports
How do I protect my oil tank against theft?»
To discourage oil theft from your tank: Hide the tank behind a screen (never plant shrubs
What is a bunded diesel tank?»
Bunded (or double walled) is the technical term for a tank within a tank design. The Kingspan
Can I store diesel in a plastic container?»
Diesel should be stored in a specialist tank designed for storing diesel. At Glen Fuels we always
What size oil tank should I buy? »
When buying an oil tank, we recommend you consider: how much oil you use each year, how much
What size diesel tank do I need?»
The size of your fleet size, mileage and industry will determine the correct tank size to service
Can I buy AdBlue at the pump?»
Yes, Circle K sells AdBlue at the pump at selected sites.  If you have a Glen Fuel Card, you
Is there a truck stop on the N11 southbound?»
Glen Fuels Kilmacanogue is the only truck refuel southbound on the N11. It has two fast
What are the benefits of Glen Fuels Budget Plan? »
Each month you know exactly how much you are paying towards your heating oil bills. This means
Is there a sign-on fee for Glen Fuels Budget Plan? »
When setting up the Glen Fuels Budget Plan account, you are required to pay the first 500L fill in
Do I get priority delivery? »
Budget Plan customers who take advantage of the free Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor
What is the minimum Glen Fuels Budget Plan payment amount? »
The monthly direct debit is currently a minimum of €120 per month, calculated pro-rata from
What is Magnus Monitors Business? »
Magnus™ Monitors Business can be installed onto metal and plastic tanks on-/off-site:
Are there freebies for Glen Fuels Budget Plan customers? »
All Glen Fuels Budget Plan customers receive the Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitors System free of
Can I pay by direct debit?»
A lot of our commercial customers pay by direct debit:  Road diesel Lubricants Marine
What size are Glen Fuels lorries? »
Glen Fuels trucks and tankers can transport up to 40,000 litres per delivery.
What is Winter Fund?»
The Glen Fuels Winter Fund is a heating oil savings account. There are no hidden admin costs.
Is there a truck stop in Arklow?»
Glen Fuels Arklow has a state-of-the-art truck refuel facility with space to maneuver
Does Glen Fuels have truck stops?»
Glen Fuels has a network of truck refuel sites at our depots in Kilmacanogue, Arklow and
Is Winter Fund the best product for me? »
Winter Fund is ideal if you: Usually order 200-500 litres of oil Use less than 1,000 litres of
How much money do I save on Winter Fund? »
If you choose the direct debit option, we require a minumum monthly saving contribution of
Does Glen Fuels sell reliable oil? »
Since opening our doors in 1986, Glen Fuels has been buying oil from what is today known as Circle
What is the price of marine diesel today? »
The Glen Fuels marine diesel price changes daily according to market activity.
Can I get a marine diesel fill tomorrow? »
Glen Fuels can arrange next day delivery of marine fuel to boats in ports and harbours throughout
Where does Glen Fuels deliver marine fuel? »
Glen Fuels can arrange delivery of marine fuel to ports and harbours througout Ireland. 
How much does 500 litres heating oil cost? »
The Glen Fuels kerosene and gas oil prices change daily according to market activity.
Does Glen Fuels have online prices? »
Glen Fuels oil prices change daily according to market activity. Please contact your dedicated
What are the Glen Fuels agricultural opening hours? »
The Glen Fuels sales representatives and oil delivery drivers are very accommodating to Glen Fuels
What agricultural products does Glen Fuels sell? »
The Glen Fuels agricultural products include SFGO, AdBlue, lubricants, oil tanks, diesel storage
Does Glen Fuels deliver to the agricultural sector on a Saturday? »
Yes, Glen Fuels delivers to food producers on Saturday mornings throughout the year. 
Can agri customers get a Glen Fuel Card? »
Yes, agricultural sector companies can apply for the commercial use Glen Fuel Card. 

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In Services:
Heating Oil»
From our depots on the N11/M11, our trucks reach you quickly.  Modern technology
Automatic Top Up»
Do you worry you'll run out of home heating oil? Avoid chilly radiators and the cold
You can use your Glen Fuel Card to buy AdBlue at Circle K service stations and at Glen Fuels
Agricultural Lubricants»
High quality lubricants that improve efficiency, reduce emmisions and
Oil Drums »
If you need a quick emergency fill, or if you use small quanities of home heating oil, oil
Truck Fueling Network»
Glen Fuels Truck Stop network is a commercial facility which provides refuelling to truck drivers
Green Diesel»
The Glen Fuels mixed fleet delivers up to 37,500L per delivery of sulphur-free gas oil (SFGO)
Road Diesel»
Next day delivery on road diesel from our mixed fleet delivering in quantities of 500 litres to
Heating Oil Tanks»
Glen Fuels is a Kingspan distributor of bunded and single skin home heating oil tanks. 
Marine Fuel»
With strategically located depots, more than 30 years' experience and quality products and
Winter Fund»
By cash, card or direct debit you can save for those wintry, rainy days.. When ordering
Magnus Monitors Homes»
Glen Fuels was the first oil company in Ireland to introduce the dipstick.  In 2020 Glen
Commercial Lubricants»
Our range of lubricant oils reduce emissions and protect the integrity and efficiency of
Magnus Monitors Farms»
The Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitors System eliminates SFGO run outs.
Gift Vouchers»
Glen Fuels gift vouchers are ideal for all occasions. 
Magnus Monitors Business»
Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitors Business ensures you never run out.

In Articles:
Glen Fuels is an active member of the UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA). This

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

The Glen Fuels gift voucher is the ideal gift for:

Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, house warming, birthday, get well soon, new baby and christenings. 

Redeemable in all depots, the heating oil gift voucher is very popular.

Purchase from your local Glen Fuels depot.

Delivering Nationwide

Delivering Nationwide

  • Range Cooker Additive
  • Lubricants
  • AdBlue
  • Oil Tanks
  • Diesel Storage Tanks
  • Magnus™ Monitors

Reduce Energy Costs

Reduce Energy Costs

  • Insulation
  • Oil and Renewable Central Heating
  • Energy Rated Appliances
  • Kick the Car to the Curb
  • Generate Your Own Energy
  • The Cost of the Little Red Light

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