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Glen Fuels - Pay As You Go Facility

The Glen Fuels Winter Fund is perfect for all householders - homeowners and tenants - and in particular customers ordering small amounts heating oil - 200 litres to 500 litres of gas oil or kerosene or who buy the Glen Fuels 20 litre drums.

Every home experiences a spike in heating oil bills in September, December and March. The Winter Fund helps you get ahead of these bills and accumulate credit.

The Winter Fund allows you to drip feed money into your account, as and when you have it. When you place a heating oil order, you simply draw down from the credit you have accumulated.

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Winter Fund Benefits:

  • Make regular or periodic payments.
  • Top up by as little as €20 a month (less than €1/day).
  • Pay by cash, card or direct debit.
  • Suitable for homeowners and tenants.

How to Top-Up:

  • You can use cash or card to top up your account either by phoning your local depot or by personally calling into your local depot.
  • Alternatively you can set up a monthly or twice-monthly direct debit by downloading the direct debit application form here.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Minimum order is 200 litres.
  • Price is as per the ruling price on the date of the delivery.
  • If the monetary amount of oil ordered exceeds the credit level accumulated, the difference must be paid for by cash or card in advance with your local depot before the order can be processed.
  • If a direct debit is returned, you will be liable for bank charges. If a direct debit is returned twice, Glen Fuels will withdraw this facility from your account.


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